Rida Hussein Khalafalla is a Consultant ,Dar alaman rehabilitation center,Russia

Rida Hussein Khalafalla


Organizing Committee Member


Dar alaman rehabilitation center


Cupping therapy effectiveness in patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy. In Russian. 


 MPH, University of Malaya Feb 2012.

 MD, Saint-Petersburg State Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies. Jun 2005. Russia

 MBBS, Saint-Petersburg State Medical University I.P.Pavlov.Jun 1999. Russia 


Neuroplasticity, Stem cell therapy, and Neural repair in stroke recovery

 Neurostimulation, Neuroimplants, Brain computer interface, Robotics and stroke recovery

 Pragmatic solutions for stroke recovery and improved quality of life in low- and middleincome settings (adaptations and innovations)

 Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Research.  

 Post-Acute Level of Care Selection: Developing Stroke Rehabilitation Guidelines for LMIC settings.

MOTO med – an exerciser for the patients with musculoskeletal disorders which relaxes spasticity and eliminates muscle stiffness

Lokomat – a robotic system which automates movement therapy  

Armeo – a device which works out hand movement stimulating the central nervous system

Exoskeleton – an outer support body which identifies the person’s motor impulses and gives an opportunity to move even for the wheelchair-bound patient 

functional electrical stimulation (FES) – a therapy which stimulates the paralyzed muscles through low current impulses 

manual therapy includes therapeutic massages and lymphatic drainage  

Transcranial brain stimulation-it’s a new, noninvasive technique during which a weak stream is applied to the scalp causing brain stimulation, specifically in the motor cortex area, an area responsible for our body movement. The method is safe and without side effects.    


CAPM&R     Corresponding Member. Canadian Association for Physical Medicine and          Rehabilation

WFNR           Active Member. World Federation for Neurorehabilitation.

ISPMR          Active Member. International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

AAIDD         Active Member. American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disability.  

SCR              Active Member. The Society for cognitive Rehabilitation.