Rishi Chana is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon,University South Wales,United Kingdom

Rishi Chana

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Organizing Committee

United Kingdom

University South Wales


As a fellowship trained Hip Arthroscopy surgeon, it is always a pleasure to see any patient who is struggling with conservative active therapy. I regularly see patients suffering from typical pain from labral tears, CAM and pincer impingement and have successfully returned them to their targeted athletic / sporting goals. My aim is to preserve the hip or knee joint where possible. I have developed a multidisciplinary super team protocol for regenerative adult stem cell therapy using the patients own bone marrow cells augmented with collagen scaffolds to preserve their joints, even in the face of focal wear and tear. Areas of expertise also extend to delivering pain relief from trochanteric bursitis, hip & buttock pain & ITB syndrome and lower leg pain as these conditions often occur in conjunction with active patients and people suffering from arthritis. In patients with arthritis, I provide an exceptional hip and knee replacement service with an enhanced rehabilitation regime and have a cohort of very happy customers. 



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2010: University of Brighton; MSc Tr & Orth

2009: RCS Edinburgh; FRCS Tr & Orth

2002: RCS Edinburgh; MRCS

1999: Royal Free Hospital School; M.B. B.S. of Medicine

1995: King College London; BSc Anatomy

2012: RCS England; ATLS Instructor

2013: Cardiff University; PG Certificate Med Education

2018: University South Wales; PG Certificate; Sports & Exercise Medicine


  • Lower Limb Arthroplasty
  • Revision Surgery
  • Adult Hip Joint Preservation


2018: National Award for Excellence in Patient Care;

September 2011: 1st Prize Podium Presentation; 10th Annual Professor Fred Heatley Awards Warfarin management of patients on       continuous anticoagulation therapy undergoing TKA

October 2009: 1st Prize Trust Audit Competition; Maidstone NHS Trust An audit of hip fracture management: The impact of a proforma pathway.

January 2007: 1st Prize Poster; 6th Annual Professor Fred Heatley Awards Outcomes of the JRI LOL Hemiarthroplasty system: The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich experience.

January 2005: 1st Prize Poster 5th Annual Professor Fred Heatley Awards The role of MRI in the diagnosis and treatment in neck of femur fractures in the elderly.